I took the phlebotomy class and loved it! It teaches you most everything you will need to know for the externship. The externship was amazing and I felt fully capable of performing venipunctures afterwards. If the programs interests you, I suggest taking it 100%.  - Amber,

Our MyCAA Process

At The Major Group, we make MyCAA easy, understandable, and convenient!

Your Career Development Specialist sticks with you, gets to know you, and provides the help you need every step of the way. We’ve made it easy for you to complete your enrollment online. In addition, our process ensures that you won’t get stuck paying for anything out of pocket – when done properly, it will all be funded through the MyCAA program. There are no hidden fees. And, of course, our services are provided at no cost to you.

MyCAA Programs Overview

We’ve helped countless military spouses get training through MyCAA.

The Major Group offers a wide range of MyCAA-approved Certification Training Programs. In addition, we give you outstanding, easily accessible guidance from start to finish. There’s no extra cost when you go through The Major Group, but a whole lot of extra help and added value.

Our Education Partners

Our programs are all Internet-based distance-learning formats, so it’s true that you never have to step foot on an actual campus.

Still – it’s nice to know our partner schools are all accredited institutions with proud histories and sterling reputations.