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A Military Spouse Scholarship: Just in Time for National Military Family Month

A Military Spouse Scholarship: Just in Time for National Military Family Month

Career Talk Blog | A Military Spouse Scholarship: Just in Time for National Military Family Month

Three Reasons We’re Grateful for this Scholarship Opportunity

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with it brings a feeling of gratitude for all that we have. From social media posts featuring “30 days of things you’re grateful for” to school projects to time spent with family, there are so many things we have to be thankful for as military spouses.

Here’s one more. From now until December 5th, applications are being accepted for one military spouse to receive a 100% tuition-paid certification program from The Major Group. With over 80 programs available for military spouses, ranging from healthcare to business management to education, a certification in one of our programs can set you apart from other candidates.

First, why certifications?

There are so many reasons military spouses may be interested in a professional certification. From filling in gaps on a chronological resume to planning ahead for a career move, they all make good sense. Here are some other strong reasons to pursue a certification:

  • Increases professional image
  • Reflects achievement
  • Establishes professional credentials
  • Prepares you for on-the-job responsibilities
  • Increases earning potential
  • Improves skills and knowledge
  • Offers increased professional recognition from peers
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Demonstrates commitment to your career and field
  • Improves career opportunities and advancement

Professional certifications are beneficial to everyone, even if you already have a degree.

Let’s use a business administration graduate as an example. During the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in business, a student would have studied business law, accounting and management. But she wouldn’t be considered an expert in any of them. Pursuing an Accounting Professional Program certification would be a great way to showcase additional skills that another graduate may not possess.


Employers consider certifications when screening applicants.


When faced with virtually identically experienced candidates, it is often the extra certifications and accomplishments that set one above the rest. When a company values certifications, it often reflects their work culture, which is very important. They know that employees who are encouraged to pursue certifications are happier, which in turn boosts productivity. Certifications are a win-win for employees and employers.



This scholarship opportunity is open to every military spouse.

Each quarter, The Major Group partners with military spouse organizations to bring a scholarship opportunity to all military spouses. There are no rank restrictions and this program is open to spouses of National Guard, Reserve and active duty of all branches. For those military spouses who have been discouraged or frustrated because of scholarships or opportunities that are limited to certain requirements, this is for you! Let nothing stand in your way of applying for this scholarship!

Bonus: This scholarship includes the cost of the exam to be officially certified!



It’s another great resource for military spouses.

The Major Group is excited that we get to work with military families each and every day. One of our scholarship partners, National Military Family Association (NMFA) recently blogged about how it’s important to use all of the resources availableto further your career and education. This is one of those resources. NMFA is proud to partner with The Major Group to bring opportunities to military spouses. They also offer several scholarships, support groups and information on expanding careers. The team at NMFA is well aware of the challenges military families face and proud to represent them.

Bonus: Partnerships with organizations like NMFA, Military Spouse Employment Partnership and Milspouse eMentor Program mean even more great resources for military spouse employment.



We all want a stronger military family.

November is National Military Family Month, a time to celebrate the diversity, loyalty and strength of the military family. We know that military families face unique challenges and are dedicated to working towards a better tomorrow. Military spouses who are settled into a career are going to be able to ease the transition burden for their service member. Latest statistics show that almost half of military spouses are underemployed, which also means they are underpaid. Combined with the reasons a professional certification can improve your career, money is a very real motivating factor.

Bonus: Saving money on this certification will increase the amount of money you have for the future!

Remember, your time will come. It may be today, or it may be after your service member leaves the military. Take steps today to prepare for the transition, and to achieve your goals.

Start the next leg of your career search with a head start by completing a certification program with The Major Group. Apply for this scholarship today!

All of our military spouse certification programs are online, can be completed at your own pace, and cost you nothing!

Have questions? Give us a call at 1.800.298.5226, text MYCAA to 555888, use the chat feature or email us for a complete list of our MyCAA-approved courses, eligibility requirements and more. Our Career Counselors are ready to help!

You can also find us on Facebook.

Ready to move forward? Here are your next steps:

Not MyCAA eligible? Our Military Spouse Scholarship (providing 100% paid tuition assistance) application period is opened quarterly. If you're a military spouse who has used your MyCAA grant or are otherwise ineligible, and are looking to enhance or start training for a portable career, this is your opportunity to get free training. Apply today!


If you’d like to know when we have new courses, new programs, new ideas, new promotions — you know, all new and good stuff — then get on this email list. We keep messages short and sweet, and only send them when there’s something really good happening, like giving away a vacation (yeah, we did that).

We are proud partners with organzations that provide military spouse support and employment.

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We are proud partners with organizations that provide military spouse support and employment.

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