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Stretch That MyCAA Money!

Stretch That MyCAA Money!

Career Talk Blog | Stretch That MyCAA Money!

By: Rebecca Alwine

Finding a career path that interests you is a huge step in the right direction. The next challenge is finding a certification program that you can afford. Luckily, if you’re a military spouse, you may qualify for MyCAA, which can help you with certification courses and training. And the news gets even better because that program has expanded to offer you more! Did you know that The Major Group offers a few “double” courses?

I know what you’re thinking. Whoa, hold on. Two courses? But what about the limitations on MyCAA? What about my time? Do I really need two courses and two certifications?

If you qualify for MyCAA funding, you’re entitled to up to $4,000 in tuition and expenses. For those of you who are interested in combining skill sets (for example, billing and administration in the medical field), you may have felt stuck. Previously, your MyCAA benefits only covered one course, but taking both of them makes you more competitive. Now, you can take the combination course and get it 100% covered. No out-of-pocket expenses!

What are your options?

The Major Group offers training opportunities that include over 80 options. Figuring out which one is right for you may seem like a challenge, but as you narrow down your options based on what you are interested in, you’ll find a few really stand out. Here are two programs that can get you two national certifications, giving you the most bang for your buck.

Medical Billing & Coding

As one of the fastest growing careers within the healthcare industry, there is a great need for medical billing and coding professionals. You can work almost everywhere, including from home. This course includes information on specialty fields like surgery and radiology, as well as basic insurance claims processes. With an expected 50% increase in medical-field jobs coming this year, there should be a high demand for billing and coding professionals.

Physician’s Office Assistant

2018 is expected to complete a 34% predicted growth in the medical assistant field, and there is no sign of it stopping. Each time the medical field changes, medical office assistants have to keep up. As a physician’s office assistant, you’ll learn medical ethics, interpersonal skills, and medical records management. This wonderful program also includes an externship at a local healthcare provider’s office for those who are interested.

When considering which program to go with, make sure you keep in mind the potential for job growth. The MyCAA-funded training offered by The Major Group is a great way to get started on your next career path.

All of our military spouse certification programs are online, can be completed at your own pace, and cost you nothing!

Have questions? Give us a call at 1.800.298.5226, text MYCAA to 555888, use the chat feature or email us for a complete list of our MyCAA-approved courses, eligibility requirements and more. Our Career Counselors are ready to help!

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Ready to move forward? Here are your next steps:

Not MyCAA eligible? Our Military Spouse Scholarship (providing 100% paid tuition assistance) application period is opened quarterly. If you're a military spouse who has used your MyCAA grant or are otherwise ineligible, and are looking to enhance or start training for a portable career, this is your opportunity to get free training. Apply today!


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We are proud partners with organzations that provide military spouse support and employment.

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We are proud partners with organizations that provide military spouse support and employment.

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